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You’re an inspired millennial who is serious about taking the next, big step in life. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, moving your family into a loving home, or buying that car you’ve always wanted… then we can help you!

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How does credit restoration work?

Following initial consultations and analysis, we work tirelessly to remove negative outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit history. All with the main focus of getting you the best deals on your next financial investment!

Why does your credit score matter?

Creditors and lenders use your credit profile to see if you’re “worthy” of lending you bucketloads of money OR giving you a higher-limit credit card.

And if you’re “unworthy” (and have a poor credit history)… these fellows are going to believe that you’ll be trouble and wouldn’t be able to repay what you’d owe to them.

But, if for some good reason, they trust you and lend you the funds…

They’re going to charge you a higher interest rate as extra insurance agent.

In short, you’re going to pay more money for having bad credit history.

What can (and should) you do

to restore your less than reputable credit score and open doors to better financial opportunities?

Well, three things...

You could...

Hire a consultant,

Do it yourself


Follow a step-by-step program, guaranteed to work!

It’s credit restoration made easy. Save yourself countless hours (and dollars) of trying to fight with the major credit bureaus to repair your credit score yourself, and join our online program that will teach you all the basic practices to reach & maintain a good credit score while we do all the heavy lifting for you by removing inaccurate information.

Going the consulting route doesn’t make sense. At least, not for most people.

Because it’s obvious that when your credit score is poor, it means one of two things…

Either you have a huge debt weighing on your shoulders OR you’re making critical financial mistakes that are dragging your credit score down like a lead balloon.

Regardless, you can’t afford to waste time nor money when fixing your credit score. 

That’s where we come in.

At Millennium, we offer a competitive online program that will help to turn your financial woes around using credit repair methods that are highly-effective and 100% permissible by law.

We are a credit repair company that knows the fair credit reporting act and uses the laws to get negative items removed and outdated information in your credit report cleared, permanently.

It can be hard to find a credit restoration company that operates quite like we do, where our focus is on honesty and transparency. 

We use the same proven methods our founder used to go from a rejected bank application to homeowner. Read her full story here. 

Cost-effective, fully transparent and optimized for success.

All for as low as $149 per month!

Selena Lawrence CEO of credit repair company Millennium Financial Services, and best selling author.

Making the decision to get credit repair services with Millennium Financial services was the best thing I’ve done. I’ve seen a drastic change in my credit score in just a few months. Highly recommend.

Nicole L