"Unfortunately, we will not be able to open an account for you today"

- Bank Manager

I just couldn’t believe it.

Anyone can open up a bank account… right?


Turns out that after a messy divorce and many late payments on my student loans, my credit score had hit rock bottom – of which my confidence quickly followed suit.

Although it hadn’t totally sunken in yet, I knew this was bad.

That day I had walked into the bank with great aspirations and a smile, yet I walked out with…

No bank account,

No credit card and;

No hope.

After feeling sorry for myself for longer than I care to admit, I began to look online for solutions.

I soon found a company that specializes in repairing poor credit scores like mine.

And with their help I managed to fix my credit report, open up that bank account and live happily ever after!

Well, not quite.

This ladies & gentlemen is actually the moment where my life went from bad to worse.

Not only did this credit repair company not fix my credit score, but they literally didn’t do anything at all!

Months and months had gone by, with me being assured that my credit report was being dealt with.

But really, they just took my money and ran.

Of course, I only realised my mistake when my bank manager rejected my application – again.

Words can’t describe how I felt at this moment, but I know that I was just about ready to give up.

Luckily for me though… I didn’t.

As for one night, as I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled across a post from a certain Kelly.

Kelly was the owner of a credit repair company that helped people like me to fix their credit and turn their finances around.

“Oh no Selena, not again”

I know you were thinking it.

Trust me, I was at the time too.

But the more I read into Kelly’s story, the more I realised that I was the person that she used to be only a few years ago.

Kelly’s transparency convinced me to give her a chance, and I soon enrolled in her online course which would hopefully teach me how to repair my credit score on my own.

This for me was essentially the last throw of the dice.

As far as I was concerned, I had nothing else to lose.

Fast forward to today and I’m now running my own credit repair business!

Not only did I fix my own credit but I also managed to build a sustainable business for myself too.

Now I have the opportunity to help others who, like me, are looking to take the next step in their lives and want to take their finances seriously.

The business has been a great success thus far, and it’s grown so quickly that I had to bring in the excellent Shije to help me!

Shije is our amazing account manager, as well as being just an open, honest and genuine guy.

Millennium Financial Services wouldn’t be where it is today without him!

 – Selena Lawrence, Founder of Millennium Financial Services